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Meetup:Illini Startups - Illinois Alumni in Entrepreneurship-Crowdfunding your company on Kickstarter hosted by Tovala and mHub

Aug 16, 2017 - 12:45 PM - 03:30 PM
965 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL,

ZIP: 60176

There’s nothing cooler than telling people that thousands love your idea, except maybe telling people that thousands are willing to give you money up front for your idea.

Let’s face it, raising money is a full-time job, and everyone knows the venture capitalist story of 'your market is too small,' 'too unproven,' or 'the product just not ready for millions of seed funding.'

That’s when people turn to alternative investments, like crowdfunding.

So how does a company pull off a crowdfunding campaign successfully? It’s still a full-time job, but a very different kind of job. This month, Illini Startups is bringing in a Kickstarter success story to explain how they not only went from nothing to 2.5 times their funding goal but then onto a successful Seed funding round as well.

This month, you’ll hear from:

Peter Fiflis (Illini Ph.D. ’16), the Product Lead at Tovala who saw everything go from MVP to shipping.

Alex Solomon, Marketing Director with a strong background in advertising strategy. Alex was the lead who got Tovala through Kickstarter.

And they’re sharing the story of Tovala the smart steam oven startup with a delivery service baked in. In 2016 Tovala left Y Combinator and launched a Kickstarter campaign that beat their funding goal with over 1,000 backers. Soon after, Tovala raised $2 Million more in venture funding.

If you ever felt your product is a fit for Kickstarter, this is the meeting you have to attend. Peter and Alex are going to talk about their strategy and then explain what they advise for when you want to crowdfund your dream.

We’re looking forward to seeing you August 16th at mHub Chicago. The pizza and beer is covered, so come by and meet product leaders in Chicago.

Come stop by to meet fellow Illini and learn about how the University of Illinois is leading the startup space in Chicago. If you would like to have your office featured on the Illini Showcase, please reach out to one of the co-organizers online or at the event.

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