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Meetup:8th Light University-AWS/Terraform Workshop #3: Monitoring / Alerting / Log Aggregation

Sep 08, 2017 - 07:30 AM - 09:00 AM
25 E Washington, Chicago, IL,

ZIP: 60176

Workshop Series Description

If you’re like many developers, you’ve heard the buzz around "Infrastructure as Code", and you might even have some hands-on cloud automation experience. But in many companies, separation of responsibilities means that you as a developer might not have gotten a chance to put together the infrastructure code yourself.

In this workshop series, we’ll learn the basics of cloud infrastructure automation with AWS and Terraform. The workshops will be hands-on, and you’ll end up with an example of a scalable, fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure, backed by a version-controllable specification. 

This workshop series is free and open to the public. Additionally, everything we do in the class falls well under the AWS free tier limits. However, you’ll take responsibility for ensuring that any deviations from the class instructions and/or later experimentation on your own have the cost implications you expect.

Prerequisites - to be done before coming to class

• Laptop w/ bash; comfortable using it (Linux, MacOS, Windows 10 w/ Windows Subsystem for Linux, or a VM w/ one of these are all fine)

• Install the AWS CLI 

• Install Terraform

• Sign up for / set up your AWS account:

• Make sure you have an AWS access key & secret key for your user, and record them somewhere safe (e.g. a secure password manager).

• Since you will need to give AWS your credit card info, I recommend setting up 2-factor authentication and checking out the other [IAM best practices]( as well. You don’t have to set up an IAM user for this workshop though.

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